Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Poutine at La Cantine Bistro Boutique, Montreal

Before this trip to Montreal, I found a blog Poutine Pundit, that rates their fav poutine places in Quebec, NYC and around the world. Their favorite poutine was at Montreal's Le Cantine Bistro Boutique, so one late night, Fougoo and I went.
Their iteration of this Quebecois classic is particular in that the gravy has Szechuan peppercorn. It arrives with a beautiful presentation, in a mason jar. However, per Poutine Pundit's recommendation, we removed all the contents from that jar quickly so the fries do not get soggy.
The result was spectacular: crispy fries, squeaky fresh cheese curds, and wonderfully flavored only mildly spicy gravy. It was one of the best versions of poutine I've ever had.

212 Avenue du Mont-Royal Est
Montreal, QC

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