Thursday, May 12, 2011

Monta Japanese Noodle House, Las Vegas

For lunch on one of the day in Las Vegas, I popped into Monta Japanese Noodle House just west of Chinatown in the same shopping center as Aburiya Raku.
We started with an appetizer of pan fried gyoza. They were pleasant and light, with a little spiciness.
Monta offers several different kinds of broth for their noodles. I selected the miso ramen. In true "Hokkaido style", I ordered it with corn and a pat of butter. I also added an egg.
When you get the butter, it slowly melts into the miso broth, gradually turning it more creamy. It pairs perfectly with the sweet corn.
The noodles at Monta were very good. I don't think they make them, but they have the right texture I expect from ramen.
Monta is part of a family of Japanese restaurant in Vegas. Sushi Mon and Goyemon are sister places, and my friend in town told me that after Monta closes at 11 pm, the remaining broth is brought to Goyemon and made part of their all you can eat menu.

5030 West Spring Mountain Road, #6
Las Vegas, NV
(702)367-4600 ‎

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