Friday, July 09, 2010

Duck Dinner at Dino in DC

A few weeks ago, I went with Bigfatlar & Kwan to a special 10 course duck dinner at DC Italian restaurant Dino, although we ended up with only 9 with duck.
The first course was a soup of asparagus and porcini that was very fresh and seasonal, however, the crispy duck confit that was supposed to accompany it was missed. No big deal.

Our first course with duck was a Tuscan Banh Mi. There was duck & wild boar pate with boar proscuitto on bread with sriracha, pickles, garlic and anchovy sauce.
Our next item was called Fra Collo Da Bonjiri, but it was basically duck butt confit. The crispiness of the fat and flavor reminded me of chicharróns or pork rinds- so good.

Course four was Baci Italiani, a duck liver rumaki. Wrapped up in the bacon, it combined into a truly decadent bite of food.

We then followed up with some vegetables, Insalata Grigliata, or grilled lettuce served in a bagna cauda sauce made with duck fat, anchovy, garlic, olive oil and lemon. I think this is a salad even Redneckhunter would enjoy.

This was followed by what Dean, the owner, called a L'Hamburger. It used a piece of duck bacon wrapped around a lamb & tenderloin sausage.

The seventh item was a Zuppa di Funghi, a duck and mushroom soup with pea shoots, farro, and garbanzos.

We then had a Collo d'Anatra, a Tuscan beggar's purse using the duck neck and stuffing it with duck, pork and veal served with a side of marmalade. Dean called it a Tuscan scrapple. It was a great combination of sweet and savory flavor.

The last savory item was the Ravioli d'Anatra, a "free form" ravioli filled with mizuna and duck. The pasta was housemade.

Dessert was a Panna Cotta al Zafferano, a delicious saffron panna cotta served with pistachios and orange. The duck component was sugar glazed duck cracklings. Dean described this like butterscotch, but "duckscotch" instead.

3435 Connecticut Avenue NW
Cleveland Park, Washington DC

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