Saturday, December 20, 2008

Girls Cooking Night: Vitamin C

Since we've all been recovering from colds since the Thanksgiving holidays, for our last girls cooking night, we opted for a Vitamin C theme.

My contribution was an orange chocolate bread (inspired by the rolls served at the Silver Moon Bakery in NYC). I squeezed fresh oranges (well tangerines, actually), grated the rinds, and because I was still a tad bit short on juice, threw in some blood orange juice (which I think helped up the orange color). I also didn't have orange extract at home, so I substituted Grand Marnier.

The kicker of course was the addition of Ghirardelli bittersweet chocolate chips. I think I may have overdid the chocolate (if that's possible), but fresh from the oven, the bread was a gooey chocolatey delight.

Debbie contributed a Vitamin C packed soup - with tomatoes and sweet potatoes, loads of garlic, ginger and even peanut butter. She also made a citrus acorn squash. Melissa brought lamb with a kiwi, Asian pear salsa, which I was eating with a spoon, it was so yummy.

Birthday girl Marian was treated to a lemonade cake with buttercream frosting.

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