Monday, June 02, 2008

BrookLEn in Texas: South Congress Cafe

Me and Mrs. LBT headed down to Texas for a big ol' Memorial Day roadtrip. We arrived in Austin around noon on a weekday, and in our delirious and famished state, we tripped on over to South Congress Cafe. This is fancier that most Austin natives usually eat, but there was no lack of Texan love in the food. We started with a homemade salsa & chip sampler with a touch of guacamole. Even though the heat levels started at mild, I think it was a higher Scoville count than we expected. The crab cakes were the house specialty, and delivered as promised, with a great cornmeal crust. We even got a healthy seared tuna salad.
I'll be posting more reports soon from Austin and many points west, including Marfa, Marathon, and the Salt Lick!

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