Tuesday, June 03, 2008

BrookLEn in Texas: Flip Happy Crepes

Trailer is the new gourmet vehicle in Austin. As we cruised the city, we noticed gorgeous silver-streamlined trailers selling treats like snow cones and cupcakes. We had been recommended a crepe trailer near Barton Springs called Flip Happy Crepes.
Even on a weekday, there was a surge of people waiting for this lunchtime-only eatery. Most of the menu leaned towards the savory, so we obliged.
Mrs. LBT tried the chicken and mushrooms, and I went for a more traditional ham and gruyere with a mornay sauce. Exceptional does not do these crepes justice. They were criminal, stolen from Paris, and smuggled like squealing pigs to this empty lot, to be slaughtered for the Texans. Amazingly light but still rich, I would go back again in a heartbeat.

Flip Happy Crepes
400 Jessie St
Austin, TX 78704

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