Saturday, January 05, 2008

BrookLEn visits Bouchon

Right before the new year, Mrs. LBT and I had the opportunity to trek through California wine country. On a tip, we were recommended Thomas Keller's least expensive outpost, Bouchon Bakery. As we walked over to the bakery in Yountville, we noticed that Bouchon, Keller's adjacent French bistro, was serving lunch. In a turn of events that could only be described as 'predictable', LBT and I found ourselves a lunch table and enjoyed a dejeuner feast. We started with the kabocha squash soup, with micro-savory bits of bacon on top. I had a quiche that threatened to float away, while the Mrs. enjoyed the winning dish, a crab and lobster salad with a citrus garnish. The towel was tossed in when we added an order of fries- the fries that made Anthony Bourdain cry out. Served in a rusty funnel that might have been salvaged from a junkyard, these fries made us sad that there was no room for us to spend the night.
Mrs. LBT did abscond with a delicious baguette (the crime is recorded here), and we finished the meal by returning to our original destination, Bouchon Bakery, for two cookies that we slowly consumed for two days, over wine (of course).

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