Monday, May 20, 2013

Aux Epices, NYC

On our last LES shopping day, Petitesoeur wanted to try a Malaysian place called Aux Epices she had read about in Serious Eats. So we hiked over to Chinatown to an unassuming pleasant little eatery tucked away on Baxter Street.

We both wanted the Nasi Lemak for sure, and decided to get a couple appetizers as well -- hijiki fish dumplings and duck spring rolls. 
The Serious Eats review had mentioned how the Rendang was less greasy than Nyonya.  We didn't try that, but I felt the same way about the Nasi Lemak - definitely less rich than Fatty Crab's, but still very delicious. The plate was artfully arranged, and I thought Petitesoeur (who likes to keep her food separated) would appreciate being able to mix the curry, dried fish, peanuts, pickles, etc. herself.  I did miss having an egg on the plate though...

I think our favorite dish of the night, though, may have been our 2nd dessert. We first got their signature Maylasian specialty - warm tapioca, taro, sweet potato, coconut milk - I wish I could remember the silly name it had (Petitesoeur reminded me -- bo bo cha cha!) This was comforting, but with most Asian desserts I find them just a bit too healthy and wholesome and not decadent and sinful enough.

So we decided to go for it and order the mango tart on top of that - talk about decadent!  It was warm and flaky and creamy, with a great burnt sugar flavor and freshness of the fruit sweetness.  So good!

The husband and wife team were friendly and inviting too.  The husband was eating his own dinner in the dining room, and came around a few times to check on us.  The wife came out of the kitchen after the meal to say hi.  Definitely a place to go back to with more people, so we can try some of the delicious looking noodle bowls and dishes we saw going to other people's tables.

Aux Epices 
121 Baxter St, New York 10013
(Btwn Hester & Canal St)
(212) 274-8585

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