Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pig & Pinot Fridays at Vidalia, DC

On some Fridays, DC restaurant Vidalia has a special Pig & Pinot menu, and chef RJ Cooper pulls out all the stops to feature amazing pork dishes that celebrate the animal from nose to tail.
He sources his Heritage pigs from a farm in Virginia, and all the butchering and curing of the meat is done in the restaurant.

I have been a few times, and here are some of my favorite items. My favorite item might be the crispy pig ears, frisée, and apple salad (top). At the bar, you can get small dishes of housemade pork rinds.

I also enjoyed the pozole, col, cilantro and oído de los cerdos as well as the Korean BBQ ribs with kimchi & scallion pancake.

Chef RJ has his own take on an 18 month cured black foot ham served with pickled vegetables. While not as oily as pata negra I have had, I admire his ambitions in this dish.

Another favorite item was the orejas, cripsy ear soft tacos with a spicy adobo sauce and avocado.

They also have pulled whole roasted shoat Csrolina BBQ style with cornpone.

The shaved pig Reuben sandwich is also fantastic.

Finally, there are also desserts. I liked the peanut with 60% chocolate & bacon bark, but the most wrong and amazing plate was the bacon chocolate chip cookies with sweet onion-bacon ice cream.

1990 M Street Northwest
Washington, DC 20036
(202) 659-1990‎

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