Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Lovely Day Cafe, NYC

Petiteseour had read about the ginger fried chicken at Lovely Day on Serious Eats. It sounded like a "must-eat," so we decided to meet there for lunch on the start of one of our shopping days.

To round out the meal, we also had veggie dumplings, and we each ordered a soup -- Tom Ga coconut soup for me, and Vegan Miso for Petiteseour.

To be honest, we couldn't see what the hype was about with the chicken. I thought the chicken was dry and the flavor not as intense as the bloggers described. But just about every table had ordered it...

I also OD'ed on my coconut soup. That combined with a green tea latte (which was way too sweet), and I was milked out! Ugh.

Petiteseour thought a good remedy to cut the dairy bloating my stomach was to get something acidic in me. So we ordered the Julienned vegetable salad with sweet chili, peanut and lime. This was the best dish, in my opinion, and it did the trick in settling my gut, but not enough to make we want to go back.

Lovely Day
196 Elizabeth St., New York, NY 10012


Little Paper Hen said...

There's a chinese restaurant called Happy Day. Here's wishing you a happy, lovely day of eats!

Little Paper Hen said...

oh, and Happy Day isn't all that great either. What I meant was hope you have a happy, lovely day eating somewhere else =) sorry, it's 2 am ....