Sunday, November 11, 2007

Pupatella Neapolitan Food Cart, Arlington, VA

This week, before the Bourdain talk, since I had part of my day off, I grabbed lunch at the Pupatella Neapolitan food cart located outside the Ballston Metro station in Arlington, VA. I had heard about them through Don Rockwell and had been planning to try it out for some time.
I started with the stuffed rice balls- they are stuffed with faux beef, veggies and smoked mozarella and then deep fried. Very tasty.
I followed it with a deep fried calzone- this is they way they make it in Naples- not baked. It was filled with ham, ricotta, mozarella, and tomato sauce. I think I would actually prefer calzones if they were deep fried like this all the time.
For dessert, I had a Nutella pizza topped with pears- also delicious.


fougoo said...

great pics! said...

The rice balls look good -- but what is faux beef?

1000yregg said...

i was told the original recipe called for ground beef, but to sell the items to vegetarians, they used fake ground beef - probably some kind of tofu/soy item- faux beef.