Monday, July 12, 2010

Roast Pork at Tommy DiNic's, Reading Market Terminal

Alongside the Philly cheesesteak, Philadelphia is known for it's roast pork sandwich. Inside the Reading Terminal Market, Tommy DiNic's Roast Pork & Beef serves one of the better versions of this tasty treat.
The pork is seasoned with Italian herbs and spices and then slow roasted so it remains extremely tender and juicy. Additional juices is poured generously onto the meat once in the roll.
I ordered mine with the usual sharp provolone, broccoli raab, and hot peppers. The end result was so good and messy.
1136 Arch Street
Philadelphia, PA‎
(215) 923-6175‎


ChaCha said...

I was planning to go soon & get one from Tony Luke's. Have you had their's?

fougoo said...

I have - they're awesome at Tony Luke's! They don't pour juices over the sandwich, but they do bake their own bread.

Mr. Micro said...

I went here for my bachelor party weekend in Philly and was severely disappointed. Tony Luke's is still by far my favorite RPI.