Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Michigans at Clare & Carl's, Plattsburgh, NY

After our visit last year, during our annual trip to Montreal for Independence day, we made another stop in Plattsburgh, NY to check out Clare & Carl's Hot Dog stand for Michigan dogs.
The place is an old school highway stand with a lovely view of Lake Champlain. We knew it was a good sign when several local cops were at the counter for lunch.
I overheard people order their Michigans "buried" which means your onions go under the sauce as opposed to on top for a usual order.
Clare & Carl's Michigan sauce had more spiciness to it than the one at Michigan's Plus. I think I liked it better. We had a side of poutine that unfortunately did not use cheese curd.

4727 State Route 9
(518) 561-1163


Captain V said...

Such great photos. I miss Michigans like nobody's business. Everyone asks me what separates them from regular chili dogs. I can never explain what it is.

jbruce said...

Hi there,

We’re working on a piece here at The Daily Meal on the best hot dogs in America. Clare & Carl's is being featured in the story! I was hoping we could use one of your photos for the piece. I need an image of the hot dog today, if possible. Apologies for the short notice! You can email me at jbruce@thedailymeal.com. Thanks so much in advance!

Jane Bruce
Photo Editor
The Daily Meal