Monday, July 19, 2010

Le Quartier Général, Montreal

On our first evening in Montreal, Fougoo, Redneckhunter, and I went to Le Quartier Général, a recently opened bistro serving contemporary, seasonal Quebecois cuisine.
The space was bright and clean, and the scene was casual. It's "Appportez votre vin", or BYOB. Redneckhunter selected a great bordeaux Chateau Duhart-Milon-Rothschild 2007 from the wine store at Marche Jean-Talon earlier that day.

You can order items a la carte from the board, or for a modest amount, one can get "la table gourmande" which includes the appetizer and dessert.
We ordered three different starters. Fougoo got the Pieuvre grillee, grilled octopus, with edamame and veggies.

I ordered the escargots with Bayonne ham. It was cooked in a white wine lemon broth that reminded me of when you get mussels. It was very good.
Our favorite item was Redneckhunter's beef tartare. The restaurant sources their beef from Colorado, using the 1855 brand of beef. It was light, beefy, had just the right amount of fat and so delicious.

Out table ordered two main courses. Fougoo, opting to conserve her red meat quota for the trip, got the Lotte de New Brunswick, or monkfish. It was coated in Chinese five spice and serve with small bok choy.
Redneckhunter and I ordered the Lapin de Stanstead, rabbit from the UK. It was cooked beautifully, served on a parsnip puree with some carrots. The rabbit had a unique flavor in itself- reminding me of the texture of duck.
For our desserts, I had the cheesecake with blueberries, and Redneckhunter had the nougat glacé à la pistache (pistachio).
Our favorite though was Fougoo's Marquise au chocolat, a light dark chocolate cake served with blackberries and a gooseberry.
We had a delicious, simple and inexpensive meal at Le Quartier Général, which was important before the much richer meals we had in store.

1251 Gilford
Montreal, QC
(514) 658–1839

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