Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Sometimes Dining- Green Tees

Went to another great dinner with underground dining group, Sometimes Dining this past weekend. Because it's been so warm in the city, we were seated in their backyard under a tarp amidst torches and candles.

We started noshing on a nice charcuterie plate of garlic sausages, lardons, and date roll with some homemade bread that had a wonderful crust.

The first course was pan seared baby artichoke with spring onion pesto served on a nice cider crepe.

The second course was a cool dish of sliced grilled bison with vanilla black-eyed peas, a smoked egg, and grapefruit zest. The bison was nice and lean. I enjoyed the vanilla flavor to the peas quite a bit.

Their usual mid meal toast was a nice sweet drink of Aperol and prosecco. I had only learned the day before about Aperol, a rhubarb based aperatif, which I had with some Dolin vermouth.

Before the entree, we snacked on some nice fresh endive with a tarragon dip.

The main course was one of my favorites I've had at Sometimes Dining: homemade beet and goat cheese ravioli served with prosciutto and olive oil. The saltiness of the meat pair so well with the sweetness of the beets and the creaminess of the goat cheese.

Dessert was also pretty spectacular. We had a minted tres leches cake served with some candied rhubarb. Bigfatlar said he wished fruit rollups were as good as that piece of rhubarb.

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