Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cooking Morels

Right now is the season for morel mushrooms. I have several friends in the Midwest who have their own secret spots to find these delicious mushrooms, but since they are not as easy to find here on the East Coast, we have to order them. Thanks to Gubeen who ordered a batch from Wisconsin, I got a small share of morels for myself.

After cleaning the morels of dirt and some critters like ants, I love how easy they are to prepare. I tried a recipe using bacon that was really good.
My preference is still using just butter to cook up the morels, followed by a splash of white wine. The flavor is just so good in these morels, that you don't need to do a whole lot to enjoy them.

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Scott Morrison said...

I find a lot of morels every year on the eastern side of the state in Vermont, in places passed down through the generations from my family. My 13 year old son goes with me most times, so I am passing it down to him as well. I also have introduced these mushrooms (but not locations) to many of my friends< and they enjoy my harvest as well. Remember, take your mushrooms to your friends but never take your friends to your mushrooms.