Thursday, August 13, 2009

Talara, Baltimore

So I think that eating ceviche in Peru has sadly now spoiled us for ever having it in this country again. Being at the harbor for a day-long ska concert, we left the venue to grab some dinner within walking distance. We had passed Talara, a Latin fusion ceviche place earlier, so decided to try it.

Our first sign should have been when the waiter didn't know how to pronounce Tecate, the beer. It's not that the place was bad, just way overpriced for what it was. We started off by ordering a 3 ceviche sampler for $24 - your choice of fish and preparation. We got a Curried Tropical Fruit ceviche with shrimp, a tiradito with tuna, and avocado and corn ceviche with scallops. I'd say the whole plate was half as much fish as a single $8 serving of anything we ate in Peru, and the flavors not nearly as fresh and piquant.

Then we ordered a few tapas: Mojo Criollo Pork Shank ($9), Pulled chicken tostadas ($8), and roasted corn and goat cheese croquettas ($8). Everything was pretty tasty, but small, small, small... We just about each got 1 bite of each dish, and that was it.

The one thing that was really disappointing on the menu was the tres leches cake. Not only too small, but way too dry.

615 President Street
Baltimore, MD


Ben said...

A dry tres leches cake? That is a crime punishable with death in many Latin American countries :-p I need to make some ceviche soon.

Melbourne Hotels said...

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Anonymous said...

not sure if you understood the definition of "tapas" before you ate there.. it's considered an appetizer portion, 3 TAPAS SAMPLES is not going to be enough for 3 people to make a meal.
You might wanna go back now, though.. they've just released their new menu and they added entree portions.