Monday, August 10, 2009

Belcourt, NYC

On our last shopping day, petiteseour and I had a couple more of the girls tag along, plus one of their guys meeting us for dinner. So she had the daunting task of trying to find a place in the East Village to please all palates (from low-carb to strictly meat-and-potatoes). So she settled on Belcourt, at 4th Street and 2nd Ave.

It was a great summer day, so we were able to get a table outside. We started with the Grilled Spanish octopus with cardamom pickled carrots, mint, and jalapeno cilantro sauce. Despite the phallic look of the pink octopus, it was tender and tasty, but it was the sauce that really made this dish.

Petiteseour and I shared two other starters as our entree: 1) a cherry, apple, celery, and shaved fennel salad with house made celery vinegar, pine nuts and goat's milk feta, and 2) the one thing on the menu that instantly jumped out at me: what I called "everything I like" on some iceberg lettuce. This "salad" had maple bacon, pork belly, fried chicken livers, gorgonzola cheese, radishes, and a sunnyside up egg on top of a little bit of lettuce. That's my kind of salad!

Everyone else at the table got burgers (both lamb and beef). They came with a spicy tomato ketchup, which we universally agreed was interesting, but not as good as plain old Heinz. The fries however were very very delicious!

84 East 4th Street, New York City

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lani moo said...

I'll have to go here next time I'm in nyc!