Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Fougoo's Wedding Reception

Sorry all for the lack of updates. Fougoo just got married. Congrats to her and Redneckhunter.
For dinner, they got a whole roasted pig. I ate a whole foot and some cheek meat. Yum.


Jason said...

Feet & Cheek! Delicious! Any idea what this yummy beast was glazed with?

fougoo said...

I'm not sure... as the bride, I was a little busy while this bugger was getting cooked... But I'll ask some of our guests who got to see it in the process.

The pig roast master was Wes Moon, Party King Caterers from Brielle, NJ.


He's a great guy and the pig was amazing!!

Wes said...

Thank you Sue. Hope to see you again soon.
Wes Moon.

lani moo said...

Wish we could have feasted with you! We have a raincheck on order, next time we see each other, either in HI or NYC or NJ!