Thursday, June 25, 2009

First Stop Queens: Country Kitchen and Annie's Roti Shop

Redneckhunter and I were flying out from JFK for our honeymoon, so we got up to Queens early to avoid NYC rush hour traffic. So with some time to kill we decided to start our trip with a mini food safari (after all parts of Brooklyn and Queens almost feel like foreign countries - all the Cyrillic seen in Brighton Beach, Indian in Jackson Heights - hell, Edison, NJ is a foreign country!)

So a quick chowhound search brought up a thread: Where to grab a bite within 15 minutes of JFK airport. We were able to hit 2 of the spots mentioned: fried chicken and black eyed peas at Saratoga Country Kitchen on Atlantic Avenue; and curry chicken with chickpeas and potatoes with the biggest roti I've ever seen at Annie's Roti Shop on Rockaway Boulevard. I wanted to try Fish and Wings (also on Atlantic Ave.), but we couldn't fit in the food we had gotten as it was. I had to bring my curry and roti and eat it at the airport!

Saratoga Country Kitchen
1991 Atlantic Avenue

Annie's Roti Shop
127-07 Rockaway Boulevard

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