Monday, August 13, 2007

Boys Weekend in Wisconsin, Pt. 1 - Fish Fry

So I was up in Wisconsin this past weekend to have a boys weekend with some of my good friends including lickingpants. Luckily, we all like food!
Friday night in Wisconsin is all about the fish fry - perhaps a remnant of the Catholic tradition of eating only fish on fridays. We headed out to a local joint near the lake house we were staying at called The Red Fox.
We started with an appetizer of deep fried cheese curds, a regional speciality, followed by a trip to the bountiful salad bar. The best item was the BLT salad.
For the fish fry, I got to try the walleye (above) and the perch. In Wisconsin, you just have lemon and tartar sauce- no vinegar. The walleye was great. I thought the perch, because it was a smaller piece of fish, was too firm after being fried. My side of German potato salad was delicious.

Red Fox Food & Spirits
N5285 E Little Silver Lake Rd
Wild Rose, WI
(920) 622-5300

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