Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Don Panchito's Mexican and Salvadoran Grill, Cockeysville, MD

My folks and I were out in my hometown of Cockeysville, MD when we saw a restaurant in the Cranbrook Plaza shopping center advertising Mexican and Salvadoran food. I convinced my parents to give it a try and it turned out great.
We started with an appetizer of Yuca con Chicharron, fried pork bites with cassava.

We also ordered a Pupusa Revuelta (above), filled with cheese and pork. It was really nice. They seemed to include a small cabbage salad with each appetizer as well.
We tried the Tamales de Pollo, chicken tamale, which was surprisingly light and fluffy.

For entrees, we ordered a plate of Tacos de Lengua and the Bistec Encebollado, or beef stew. They were served with corn tortillas and refried beans that were clearly made with yummy lard.

Another time we went, we tried the Don Panchito Shrimp, a spicy tomato based shrimp dish, and the Guisado de Puerco, or pork stew, which was my favorite.
I particularly liked the family atmosphere to the restaurant which clearly catered to the local community of Mexican and Salvadoran transplants.

558 Cranbrook Rd
Cockeysville, MD 21030
(410) 628-1164

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