Sunday, February 01, 2009

Au Pied de Cochon, Montreal in 2009

Another place that feels like "our place" even though it's 7 hours away is Au Pied de Cochon. Funnily enough this time, redneckhunter and I actually ran into someone we knew there (a friend from Boston), so it really did feel like our neighborhood joint!

We have the dishes we absolutely have to get everytime we're there -- foie gras poutine and Duck in a Can, but we were determined to try something new off the menu. So we ordered the Melting Pot -- blood sausage, boudin sausage, pork chop, and pork loin all cooked in a pot with mushrooms, onions, and mashed potatoes. Unfortunately without the help of 1000yregg and Gallup, the two of us alone just couldn't make the same dent in a PDC meal. We savored the poutine, and managed to finish the duck, but barely even touched the Melting Pot, and definitely had no room for dessert.

Au Pied de Cochon
536 Duluth Est


The Benny's said...

OMG! Too funny, we have reservations there next Friday night! I was going to do a review, you beat me to it :-( What else have you tried besides those 3 dishes?

fougoo said...

We've had the foie gras cromequis appetizer - amazing!

the tarragon tongue appetizer - also amazing.

we've had the boudin, and the stuffed pig's foot, which is huge - probably too much food if you are only 2 people, but would recommend if you are going with 4 people.

we've also had the kidneys, which was loved by those who loved kidneys.

for dessert, I recommend the pudding chomeur and the chocolate pot de creme.

have fun! Here are earlier posts about PDC:

As you can see it's one of our favorite places!