Sunday, February 04, 2007

More Kyotofu

After a show at Radio City last night, Fougoo, the Redneck, and I went to Kyotofu. Fougoo got the Original Sweet tofu again, but we did try some new items.
Redneck got the warm chestnut mochi chocolate cake. It was just ok, the chestnut filling was delicious, but the cake was a little dry. With the sauce skidmarking, the item looked a bit scatological.
I had the black sesame sweet tofu. It was pretty good, it had a real nice sesame flavor to it.
Our finale jellies were pear flavored on this visit.

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BrookLEn said...

LBT and I stopped by Kyotofu after our dinner, and we got the chestnut cake as well... yum! LBT ordered lavender tea, which smelled awesome but was a little too pungent to drink... LBT didn't want her jelly so I had two! YUM.