Monday, February 12, 2007

Applewood: A BrookLEn Romance

On Saturday, LBT recieved a big surprise... and it looks like I'm going to adjust to being called Mr. LBT soon (or is that Mz. BrookLEn?)... we celebrated with a meal at Applewood, a hearty Brooklyn restaurant that focuses on local and organic ingredients. It's truly comfort food, and a great stop in the winter, especially when there's a crisp fireplace heating the small room. Even the fresh bread and spreads are a comforting treat; I enjoyed churned butter, a duck paté spread, and a beet-cream spread with every course.

We started with a plate-licking gnocchi in duck ragout and sweet-potato & pepper-goat cheese salad. From there, we both tried the fish-- LBT ordered the special, an unbelievable halibut on risotto, and I souped up striped bass with turnips and some kind of nifty pork-flavoring.

Dessert was unavoidable. LBT definitely was the top cat with her sweet waffle with maple ice cream and apples. I usually avoid desserts with too much citrus (not a fan of lemon or orange cake), but I took on a blood orange tart and fennel ice cream, and it blew my mind. Along with some Bonny Doon muscato, this could be the meal to beat this year.

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1000yregg said...

congratulations you two!
and welcome back to the blog!