Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Au Pied Du Cochon, Montreal 2.0

This year after Thanksgiving, we made our second annual trek to Montreal to eat at Martin Picard's great Au Pied Du Cochon.
Of course, we had to get, again the famous foie gras poutine. We devoured this like a pack of dogs, and Gallup and Fougoo used up the bread to mop up the rest of the amazing gravy.
We also got foie gras cromesquis appetizers. Each cube was deep fried and inside was a small molten mouthful of foie gras. I read that this dish was inspired by the Chinese soup dumpling.

For our main courses, we ate everything family style. First, we got the boudin noir, pork blood sausage served on top of potatoes. The skin was so delicate and the inside was, unlike a lot of blood sausage I've had, light and fluffy.

A repeat from last year was our favorite dish, the duck in a can. Amazing yet again- another plate licker. Fougoo wanted to know if you could buy these to take home (despite border laws), but we found out these only had a shelf life of a couple days.

Inspired by the amazing cassoulet at P'tit Plateau the night before, we ordered the PDC Cassoulet to try it out. It was different- they had cooked it so there was a crust on the surface of the dish. The white beans were different, they used chicken, and had a couple different sausages inside it.

We also got the tripe with chorizo sausage. The tripe was cooked impeccably and the slightly sweet sauce in it was delicious.

For dessert, we got several items. We tried the creme caramel which was nice an thick. Fougoo wanted to try the dark chocolate pot de creme which was really nice and rich as well. I got the maple churros because they are essentially doughnuts.

Another great meal at Au Pied Du Cochon.

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mike said...

Just finished eating here tonight, had the duck in a can and the foie gras poutine. Can't understand how you all didn't drop dead from overindulgence after the 3rd dish, but what a way to go!