Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Blue Bottle Coffee and Little Green Cyclo, San Francisco

Having been to Blue Bottle in Brooklyn, we figured we should go to the source in SF.  We went to the branch at Mint Plaza, just a short walk from the end of the Market Street cablecar line (yes, we did the touristy thing - I even hung off the side).

After seeing the cold brew set-up in the Brooklyn store, this one was not nearly as impressive.  But we got a cup of joe and head outside to grab a bite from the food truck parked on the plaza.

It was Little Green Cyclo - serving Vietnamese banh mi and other snacks.  We each got a banh mi -- mine was Five Spice Grilled Chicken, Redneckhunter's was House Made Pâté w/ Truffle Oil & Pork Roll.  They were huge - we really could have shared one.  We were also tempted by the Sweet Potato Tater Tots, tossed with basil and mint, with tamarind plum dipping sauce.

A nice cup of coffee, beautiful weather, a cellist playing in the plaza, people watching -- couldn't ask for more...