Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lunch at Morimoto, Philadelphia

The problems with living in Baltimore is no real authentic Japanese restaurants nearby. I need to go to DC for the closest sushi place because the places in Baltimore are all either Chinese or Korean run.
When I was in Philadelphia, I was lucky to have enough time to grab some lunch, so I went to Morimoto, the first name restaurant of Iron Chef Japan.
I ordered the Shoyu ramen with pork belly and soft boiled egg. Oh, it was so good.
I then ordered two pieces of sushi: the Madai (red seabream snapper) and the Uni (sea urchin roe). I had never had the Madai before, but it was so fresh and a perfect bite. Of course, the urchin was just like butter. Sigh- I wish I live closer to good sushi.

723 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA
(215) 413-9070‎


theminx said...

Sushi snob. :)

Mr. Micro said...

We went here for my bachelor party dinner and the omakase was simply the best meal I've ever had.

I'm considering going back when we go up for the Philly marathon, but I think it might be a little out of our group's price range :P