Sunday, January 10, 2010

Santa Fe Mexican Grill, Newark, DE

My hometown of Newark, DE is not a great spot for food (notwithstanding Capriotti's subs for which I get cravings from time to time), but every once in a while a place surprises me. Like the Santa Fe Mexican Grill on Main Street. I think the place mostly caters to heavy margarita drinking by college students, but the food is actually not bad.

At a stop in for lunch around Christmas time, I got a nice bowl of posole with chicken, with an arepa on the side (very small compared to what I'm used to in NYC, but nice and buttery). And Redneckhunter got a good plate of tacos, rice and beans.

Santa Fe Mexican Grill
190 East Main Street,
Newark, DE 19711
phone: 302-369-2500

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