Saturday, May 12, 2007

Beef at Takashimaya Department Store, Tokyo

Fougoo posted up pictures from the amazing basement food section of the Takashimiya department store.
I went with her brother over to the most amazing beef selection I have ever seen. If steaks in US stores only looked half as good as these cuts. I have heard the description of marbling of fat, but these pieces of beef are ridiculous. I think the top steaks are equivalent to Prime cuts, but the ones just above are Kobe or Wagyu Beef steaks.
These were thinly sliced pieces- possibly to eat raw or for BBQ.

This was the most expensive beef- it approximates to $50 for 100gm of beef (about $225/pound). It was aged Kobe. Look at the fat! Amazing.


TomTheRed said...

Nice to see the beef, but you need to reduce the size of the picture file- took an age to load and I've got a fast connection!
Tom-Manchester, England

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures! The size is o.k., it took no long time to load it. I like pictures with big size, because I can see details much better then.

Manfred, Cuxhaven, Germany